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Dean's Message

Dear Prospective Students,

The developments in the 21st century have affected the education systems, leading to the reexamination of the education in terms of both quality and contextual aspects. The students of our age should be educated as entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, and cooperative individuals, possessing a lifelong learning mindset. Teachers are undoubtedly the most important factors providing it.

A system is only successful to the extent of the talent and quality of the teachers. With reference to that, the main objective of our faculty is to educate the prospective teachers to become individuals keeping up with the new age, putting humans first, having a freedom of thought, being able to express themselves in any context, thinking reflectively, internalizing our cultural values, being able to keep up with the world, and having a vision. With our qualified instructors and students, we are working to achieve that goal, using all the opportunities of modern education. 

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