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Graduates of EMU Develop a New Mobile Android Application

Graduates of EMU Develop a New Mobile Android Application
Published Date: Thursday, 18 December 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University, Education Faculty, Computer and Instructional Technologies Department 2012 graduate Yavuz Yurtbeğendi and 2013 graduate Serdar Göğüşoğlu developed a new mobile android application called Raadla, which is a platform for sharing complaints. Having the quality of being Turkey's first national media for criticism, the program allows individuals to share the situations and photos that disturb them.

Following their graduation from EMU, Yurtbeğendi ve Göğüşoğlu worked in various companies. Yurtbeğendi ve Göğüşoğlu stated that the idea for Raddla application came up following their encounters with disrespectful drivers as well as various problems they had in traffic. Putting forth that Raddla can be downloaded from Android market, Yurtbeğendi ve Göğüşoğlu stated their belief that the application will have great popularity amongst users. Yurtbeğendi stated that he is well-equipped in his skills in his career, thanks to high quality education he received in EMU. Göğüşoğlu put forth that it is due to the education he received in EMU that he has mastered how to learn. Göğüşoğlu also stated that communication courses in EMU have a special importance in their chosen fields.

Talking about the increasing number of mobile applications and users, Yurtbeğendi ve Göğüşoğlu stated that they didn't encounter any difficulties in finding employment following their graduation, thanks to the skills and professional background they gained in EMU.

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