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FEMA Activist Doğuş Derya Gives a Conference in EMU

FEMA Activist Doğuş Derya Gives a Conference in EMU
Published Date: Friday, 28 November 2014

Organised by Education Faculty Psychological Counseling and Rehabilitation Department final year students Betül Yılmaz, Necmiye İskender, Özge Kavak, Yasemin Birlik, Oya Karakçı and Ayetullah Yıldız within the operations of Eastern Mediterranean University Community Involvement Center, a conference entitled "Ending Racial, Sexual and Social Exploitation Against Women" took place in EMU. The conference which was organized within the framework of the "Community Involvement Applications" course delivered by EMU academic staff member and social services expert Barış Başel hosted Feminist Workshop Activist and member of the parliament from CTP Doğuş Derya as the main speaker.

At the beginning of the conference, the importance of 25 November as the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women" was explained and the participants watched an extract of interviews conducted by students throughout the campus. During her presentation, Doğuş Derya stated that the concept of feminism is not fully understood yet as most people perceive it as female patriotism. Derya put forth that feminism is an independent way of thinking setting females and males free. Stating that the rape incidents that females encountered in "1974' are still kept secret and not reflected in any history books, Derya claimed that in most places rape is perceived as a war strategy. Providing some statistical information about TRNC, Derya stated that violence and oppression can only be overcome through feminism. At the end of her presentation, Derya responded to students' questions. 

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