Faculty of Education


​  ​​​​Faculty of Education

​​​​Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education was established in 1999. The fundamental mission of the faculty is to adopt and administer a functional view of education reconciling society’s educational expectations with the requirements of contemporary education, to develop, apply and improve the principles and processes of learning and teaching in line with the educational philosophy of teaching how to learn, conduct original high quality research in education, and to present the results at respective national and international institutions, contribute to the policy and future decisions in education through research projects. In line with this mission our vision is to become an institution preferred foremost by the most selected educational institutions and research establishments of the future in the country and region, become an institution of education and research aware of the influence between education and the changes and developments in the world, become a leading institution of education providing counseling and educational services to families, teachers and administrators.​​​ Continue Reading...​​



​​Our University provides sufficient number of computers with Internet connections for students. Students are also given the​ privilege of benefitting from the E​astern Mediterranean University Library which is ​equipped with modern and up-to-date facilities, equipment and databases. ​