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EMU Music Teaching Department Continues to Accept Applications

EMU Music Teaching Department Continues to Accept Applications
Published Date: Friday, 11 September 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Education Faculty, Fine Arts Education Department, Music Teaching Program is inviting student applications with a special skills exam which is targeted towards the national of the TRNC. The exams will be held throughout September and October and those interested may contact EMU Fine Arts Education Department (Tel: 0392 630 2597) to schedule an appointment.

Exams for the Nationals of the Turkish Republic between 15 and 17 September

Students applying for the special skills exam from Turkey will be held Ankara University State Conservatory Gümüşdere Campus between 15 and 17 September. Candidates wishing to take part in the exams may apply to EMU's Liaison Offices in Turkey or directly take the exam by visiting exam venues on specified exam dates.

The Exam will Assess Oral and Application Skills

The exam which has an oral and application part will be held in a single session and candidates will take it individually and will be asked to perform various music related skills such as single voice hearing-repeating, multiple voice hearing-repeating, major, minor, numerical chords, four-voice hearing-repeating, 7-chords, singing a school song/aria and the National Anthem and playing an instrument. During the interview, candidates will be asked questions about their past music education as well as their individual and academic qualities.

At the end of the four-year EMU Music Teaching Program, graduates will possess high quality music teaching skills and, at the same time, will act as professionals performing musical arts.