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EMU Education Faculty Hosted M. Tınaz Titiz

EMU Education Faculty Hosted M. Tınaz Titiz
Published Date: Friday, 5 June 2015

Invited by EMU Faculty of Education, the former Turkish Minister M. Tınaz Titiz delivered a conference entitled "Questioning is Freedom" within the framework of the International Career Week organized by Eastern Mediterranean University.

During the conference which was attended by a crowded group of students and academic staff members from Education Faculty, M. Tınaz Titiz talked about common topics brought up and discussed in the field of education. Defining the concept of 'problem', Titiz stated the the first step to the solution of a problem starts with its specification.

M. Tınaz Titiz , who authored "How Not to Solve a Problem?", "Entrepreneurship", "No to Memorisation", "A Roadmap for an Education System without Memorisation", "Recommendations for Young Entrepreneurs", "New Education in School" and "A Guide for Entrepreneurship", provided information on who, why and how the education should be provided to, the principles to be adhered to during this process, what the barriers in this process are and how they should be overcome.

EMU Education Faculty Acting Dean Prof. Dr. Ülker Vancı Osam thanked M. Tınaz Titiz for the conference and presented him a plaque of appreciation.