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Students of EMU Met Fazıl Say

Students of EMU Met Fazıl Say
Published Date: Monday, 15 June 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University, Education Faculty, Fine Arts Education Department, Music Teaching Program Chair Assist. Prof. Dr. Başak Gorgoretti, academic staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Emine Kıvanç Öztuğ, Senior Instructors Gözdem İlkay, Selen İşmen, Şefkat Sağlamer and students from the same department met famous pianist Fazıl Say in his rehearsal for a concert with Serenad Bağcan at Kyrenia Amphi-theatre.

Visiting academic staff members and students presented Fazıl Say a handicraft made of lefkara lace and wished him all the success in his career. Fine Arts Education Department Chair Assist. Prof. Dr. Başak Gorgoretti expressed their hope to host Fazıl Say in EMU during the upcoming academic year.