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EMU to Host 100 Voices Chorus Camp

EMU to Host 100 Voices Chorus Camp
Published Date: Monday, 25 January 2016

Eastern Mediterranean University is getting ready to host 100 Voice Chorus Winter Camp between 1 and 5 February 2016. Established in 2013, 100 Voices Chorus School started its activities in academic, international and communal organisations in EMU.

As the first step, 100 Voices Youth Chorus has started to work in collaboration with 100 Voices Trainers Chrorus to present their educational programs and performance through a wide array of chorus network.

Taking place under the sponsorship of TRNC Ministry of National Education and Famagusta Municipality, the said chorus camp which will be held on EMU campus and facilities between 1 and 5 February 2015 will be hosting music department students, music trainers, academicians and retired music teachers of 25 universities in Turkey and TRNC.  

Hosting famous composer Adnan Atalay, the chorus camp will be providing information on the development of music from Renaissance to date. During the camp, participating musicians will also be performing pieces from world choral literature as well as Cypriot Multivoice Folk Songs.

Among notable trainers participating in the said chorus camp are Mete Gökçe, Erkan Dağlı, Süreyya Okşan Alparslan, Aydın Özlem, Dr.İlknur Özal Göncü and Selen Balıkçı. On Friday, 5 February 2016, the final night of the camp,  EMU-CEC Ada Işığı Children’s Choir, Othello Multivoice Choir, Bi-Communcal Choir and 100 Voices Choirs will be delivering concerts at Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center.